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Student: ex16


Part of a series of tutorial articles about a Student class.

Code examples referred to on this page can be found here:

NOTE: NOT YET UPDATED FOR JAVA 17 and JUNIT 5 (TODO for W22, 01/05/22)

In the previous exercise, we looked a sorting by name using a simple java.util.Comparator<Student>, implemented as a separate named class.

Our Student class is kind of boring at the moment; it just has name and perm; and we’ve already built ways to sort on both of those.

To make it more interesting, so that we can look at more exotic ways of sorting, we’ll first do some updating to the Student class itself.

In ex16, we’ll:

  • split name into first and last
  • add units as another field

Since these are pretty straightforward modifications, we’ll let the code speak for itself; there isn’t much else to say.

We will note that we only partially refactored the test coverage; finishing that job is left as a future exercise.

With name split into first and last, and the addition of units, we now have four things to sort on (including perm), so we are well prepared for ex17.