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I cannot find my upload token

Try navigating to

For example:

If you get a 401 or a 404, then there are a few things you may need to try:

  1. Try logging out of your GitHub account, and then back into your GitHub account, and then revisit the page.

  2. If that still doesn’t work, you may need to “Add Private Scope”, using the instructions below.

  3. If that still doesn’t work, try clearing cookies from your browser (instructions for Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, MacOS Safari), and then try again.

Adding Private Scope

When you log in to with your GitHub account, you are using OAuth. is an “OAuth Application” that you authorize to access your GitHub repositories.

When you authorize any OAuth appllication, there is a concept of “scope”. For example, when you login to an application using Facebook, you are asked whether you want to give Facebook permission to access your account. Along with that, the application will list the specific things that Facebook can, or cannot do with this access. For example, can the application

  • see your friends?
  • post to your timeline?
  • etc.

These fine-grained permissions are called scopes.

When you authorize Codecov through GitHub, there are “scopes” that you approve. But “access to private repos” might not get added by default. So you may have to go back and fix that. Here’s how.

To “Add Private Scope” means to add additional permissions to the “OAuth Application”.

Here’s how you do it.

Then, if your account is not authorized for private repos, you see a button like the one in the image below. Click that button.

add private scope

Then, you should be able to bring up your private repos on Codecov by navigating to links such as this one (substituting in the right values for the org-name and repo-name.