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Summary of Maven Testing Tips

Command What it does
mvn test Run only backend tests
mvn test jacoco:report Run only backend tests, and generate jacoco report
In web browser: target/site/jacoco/index.html The detailed backend coverage report
mvn test pitest:mutationCoverage Run only backend tests, and generate mutation coverage
mvn test -DFooTests Run just a single test file from the backend (specify filename)
mvn test -DFooTests\#test_method_name Run just a single test from the backend (specify filename, then \#, then method name of test)


Suppose you’ve run mvn test and you get a report like this:


Finding and fixing the root cause can be tedious, given that there is so much output.

Here’s a strategy to make it easier:

  • First locate the file and test method for a single failure
  • Rerun the test suite to focus on only that single failure. Now the output is greatly reduced, and it will be easier to discover the cause!
  • Repeat for each test that is failing

For example, in the output above, we see:

SystemInfoControllerTests.systemInfo__logged_out:31 Response status expected:<403> but was:<200>

The information given here tells us which class the test was in (SystemInfoControllerTests) and the name of the method: systemInfo__logged_out. We can turn that into a command that will run only that one test.

(Regrettably, we must replace the . between the class name and method name with \#; that’s just how the system works.)

mvn test -Dtest=SystemInfoControllerTests\#systemInfo__logged_out

Now we can much more easily find the root cause.

Two other tips: I suggest bringing up two windows or tabs in your editor: one with the test that is failing, and another with the “unit under test”, i.e. the specific method that the test is designed to examine.