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We use organizations such as and to set up a space on where every repo that you create can automatically be seen by your instructors and TAs without you having to add them manually as collaborators.

To create a private repo for a Java assignment on, follow this procedure.

Choosing a name

  • Unless you are told otherwise, the naming convention is labxx-githubusername
  • For example, lab00-jgaucho

Use EXACTLY that name, because that will be how your TAs find it to give you a grade.

If you don’t use the right letters, punctuation, capitalization, etc. it makes your TAs life more difficult. Your TA may therefore decide to make your life difficult by giving you a lower grade for “not following directions”. They will have my full support.

Filling in the rest

  • Under description, you may write anything you like, within reason.
    • For example, something like “lab00 for Joe Schmoe” (if your name is Joe Schmoe) would be reasonable.
  • Select “private”.
  • Check the box that says “Initialize this repository with a README.
    • This is important because if you don’t do this, the repo may have no content, and you can’t clone a repo with no content.
  • Click the pull-down menu for “Add .gitignore” and select Java.

Then create the repo.