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In the legacy code apps for CMPSC 156 that use Spring and React, there is a particular pattern that is used for managing roles.

One common symptom that can arise when these apps are not configured propertly is that the “role” that shows up on the Profile screen says Loading Role instead of showing a badge with either Guest, Member, or Admin.

If that’s happening, it often indicates a misalignment of these values

  • app.namespace in and
  • in the same two files (make sure it is identical to app.namespace or set to exactly ${app.namespace} and that there isn’t a trailing slash, or something like /api on the end.
  • REACT_APP_AUTH0_AUDIENCE in javascript/.env.local

Also check:

  • the value that you set in the second field in the “API” setting in Auth0.
  • the value that is in the key in the “Rule” in Auth0.

All five of these must be identical for the Role to load properly.