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Code Reviews: GitHub

There is another page that talks about the content of a code review here:

This page talks about the process of doing a code review in GitHub, meaning the series of mouseclicks in the GitHub web interface that you need to do so that the code review “counts”.

Doing it properly

Do it like this:

  • Go to the Files Changed menu
  • Scroll through and look at the changes
  • If they all look good, click the Review Changes button
  • Enter LGTM and click on Approve Changes, i.e. Approve Changes
  • Then click Submit Review (Submit Review).

The animation below shows the process for doing a correct “LGTM” code review.


Requesting Changes (properly)

Here’s how to do a code review that requests changes:


A comment that says LGTM is not a code review.

Not a code review:


I mean, it is, but not from the standpoint of GitHub. If there are branch protection rules in place that require a code review before the PR can be merged, a comment does not trigger the PR to be mergeable.

Only a properly done code review does.