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Legacy Code: Terminal Windows

While this may seem extreme, Prof. Conrad suggests having six terminal windows, each with specific roles to play.

Num Name Directory Purpose
1 Main root of repo Running git commands, and running code . to open VS Code
2 Backend root of repo Run backend with mvn spring-boot:run
3 Backend tests root of repo Run backend tests with mvn test
or Test coverage with mvn test jacoco:report
4 Frontend javascript Run frontend with npm start
5 Frontend Tests javascript Run front end unit tests npm test
jest coverage with npm run coverage,
Stryker coverage with npx stryker run,
or eslint with npx eslint --fix src
6 Storybook javascript Run storybook with npm run storybook

While there is nothing sacred about this particular way of organizing things, having some specific convention will help you keep your work organized, and is especially helpful when communicating with others on your team or with staff about what you are working on.

MacOS Script

The following script can be used on MacOS to open up these 6 windows.

# See:
# See:

osascript <<EOF

tell application "Terminal"
    my makeNewColor(65535,32768,65535)
    do script "git status" in front window

    my makeNewColor(65535,65535,32768)
    my makeTab()
    do script "mvn spring-boot:run" in front window
    my makeNewColor(32768,65535,65535)
    my makeTab()
    do script "mvn test jacoco:report" in front window
    my makeNewColor(32768,32768,65535)
    my makeTab()
    do script "cd javascript; npm start" in front window
    my makeNewColor(65535,32768,32768)
    my makeTab()
    do script "cd javascript; npm test" in front window
    my makeNewColor(32768,65535,32768)
    my makeTab()
    do script "cd javascript; npm run storybook" in front window
end tell

on makeTab()
    tell application "System Events" to keystroke "t" using {command down}
    delay 0.2
end makeTab

on makeNewColor(r,g,b)
    tell application "Terminal" 
     set the background color of window 1 to {r, g, b}
    end tell
    delay 0.1
end makeTab