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Pull Requests: package-lock.json - Don’t include in PRs unless package.json changed

A problem frequently observed on PRs in CMPSC 156 is that the student will include changes to package-lock.json when there has been no change to package.json.

When there has been no change to package.json
changes to package-lock.json should not be included in a PR.

Why does this problem occur

We’ve been telling folks to use npm install after first cloning a new repo, and many of our instructions still include this advice. A better choice, as it turns out, is to use npm ci as a substitute for npm install; the key difference being that npm ci will attempt to the dependencies exactly as they already exist in package-lock.json, while npm install can sometimes update the package-lock.json file.

If you start using npm ci any time the previous instructions said npm install, you’ll avoid this problem.

But, if you are reading this, it may be because you already have a PR with changes to package-lock.json in them, and you are trying to fix that problem. So, read on for how to do that.

How do I fix it?

Suppose you have a PR where package-lock.json is included, but there has been no change to package.json.

There are two ways to fix this.

Approach one: Update from main branch

This is the most straightforward way that doesn’t involve learning any new git commands.

  1. Go to the site for your repo, and make sure that the main branch is selected: image
  2. Navigate to the frontend/package-lock.json; it will look something like this: image
  3. Download the package-lock.json file by clicking the button at upper right for Download raw file: image
  4. Copy the downloaded file over the top of the package-lock.json for your branch.
  5. Commit that version of the file:
    git add frontend/package-lock.json
    git commit -m "ab - restore package-lock.json to version from main branch"
  6. Push that commit to your branch: git push origin branch-name
  7. Check the PR on Github: the package-lock.json file should no longer be there.

Note that after doing this, you may still need to run npm install to get a package-lock.json that’s appropriate for your platform before you can run the software. If you make sure that you are using the correct version of node (e.g. with nvm use version-number, currently: nvm use 16.20.0 as of this writing) that will help. But it may not 100% remove the necessity to have a package-lock.json that is different from the one on Github.

Just be careful when you use git add . that you do not accidentally scoop up package-lock.json into the commit unless you are also changing package.json (e.g. to add a new dependency.)

The fancy git way with git reset --soft ...

The fancy git way to do this is to rebuild the commit history but without the changes to package-lock.json.

In this approach, we unwind all of the commits right back to where you started building on the main branch, and then read the changed files. This will lose the detailed commit history, but in the case of a very small PR, this be ok.

  1. Get on your branch: git checkout branch-name
  2. Update your branch from github: git pull origin branch-name
  3. Reset the branch back to the local version of main, but without changing the file system (that’s the --soft part)
    git reset --soft main
  4. Do git status. You should see that none of your files are changed, i.e. you have all of the changes you made in the branch, but now, none of them have been committed; they all show as “red”.
  5. Do git add commands to all of the files you want to commit, but not package-lock.json. 6.
  6. You can do files one at a time, like this (though it may be tedious):
    git add filename1
    git add filename2

    Or, you can add whole directories (just don’t add and path that includes frontend/package-lock.json):

    git add src
    git add frontend/src
  7. Do a git status command to ensure that the files you want in your commit are green, and the ones you don’t want are red. In particular, package-lock.json should be red.
  8. Do a new commit and push to your branch.
  9. Check the resulting PR on github. The package-lock.json should be removed.