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In some projects, we enforce a formatting standard using Google java format for Java and Prettier for JavaScript.

This article provides help for working with these formatters in your own workspaces.

Auto-formatting files from the command line

For Google Java Format:

  • Run mvn git-code-format:format-code in the java src directory to format java files.

For Prettier:

  • Run npm run format or npx prettier --write src/ in the frontend directory to format js files.

Auto-formatting plugins for IDEs

You can setup your IDE’s auto-formatter to matter to match the formatting standard.


For Google java format:

  • Install the “Extension Pack for Java”.
  • Open your settings.json: from the command pallet (Ctrl-shift-P), search for “Open workspace settings (JSON)”
  • Add the following item to your json: "java.format.settings.url": ""

For more info, see

For Prettier:

  • Install the “Prettier - Code formatter” extension.
  • When you next format a JS file, it may ask you to configure your default formatter. Select “Prettier”
  • You can default formatter for JS files later by doing the following.
    • Open any JS file.
    • Open the command pallet (Ctrl-Shift-P) and search for “Format document with…”
    • Select “Configure default formatter”.

Jetbrains IDEs (Intellij idea, Webstorm, Etc.)

For Google java format:

  • Install the “Google java format” plugin.
  • Follow the additional configuration instructions here.
  • In settings, search for “google-java-format” and enable formatting for the project.

For Prettier:

  • Install the “Prettier” plugin
  • In settings, search for “prettier”, and make sure prettier is enabled and configured properly. You may need to run npm install first.