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Artistic Style (command line: astyle) is a tool to format Java code (i.e. fix your indentation and new lines).

It also works on: C, C++, C++/CLI, Objective‑C, and C#.

Quick start: astyle *.java

Type astyle *.java at the command line on CSIL to use a software package called “Artistic Style” to automatically fix the indentation of your Java code to match a variety of style conventions.

As an example, if your directory contains:

cs56-rational-ex01 pconrad$ ls
cs56-rational-ex01 pconrad$ 

After you run astyle *.java, you’ll have:

cs56-rational-ex01 pconrad$ ls
cs56-rational-ex01 pconrad$ 

where the .java.orig file are the originals, and the .java files are the newly formatted files.

Advanced usage

You can use command line arguments to control which style is used, and to apply astyle recursively to an entire directory tree:

For example:

Command Explanation
astyle --style=google --recursive src Apply Google style to all files under the src directory (and all subdirectories of src)

Install on Mac

To install on Mac, first install MacOS: Homebrew, then type:

brew install astyle