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For commit messages, we use these conventions:

Initials at the start of your commit message: pc -

When solo programming, start the commit message with your initials, then a space and a hyphen, e.g.

ks - Renamed some controlIds for form components in CourseSearchCourseStartEndQtr.js.
lp - added table to the ge search and changed 'Ethnicities' to 'Ethnicity' in drop down menu

When pair programming, the initials of the person typing go first, then a slash, then initials of the pair partner:

lp/kp - added tests for GeCourseSearchForm
ab/hk - Added tests for lecture and sections days and times showing up properly

When mob programming (i.e. writing code with more than two people) you can either put everyone’s initials, or you can just put team if it’s pretty much the entire team mob programming. Examples:

sc/pc/md/al - add missing config variables to both localhost and heroku property files
sc/team - admins created automatically must be permanent admins