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Previous versions of instructions for CS156 projects (from before F22) will have instructions for setting up environment variables on

Here is how you do it on Note that in this example, we set up temporary values for the GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID and GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET; these values will not be valid for logging into web apps that use OAuth, but they should at least allow the app to get up and running. The values can then later to be adjusted to correct values.

To run on Render, you need to:

  • set PORT to 8080 so that the port 8080 is mapped to the https service that is exposed to the outside world via
  • set PRODUCTION to true so that the the frontend will build and mount, integrated with the Spring Boot backend (instead of running on a separate port) (this is triggered by code in the pom.xml file)
  • set whatever other environment variables are needed by the specific application (in this example, those are ADMIN_EMAILS, GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID and GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET



  • For a backend only application that does not use OAuth or a Database (e.g. the team01 exercise used in W22 and S22), you only need to define PORT 8080 so that (a) the server starts on port 8080, and (b) port 8080 is mapped to the https port that is exposed to the public internet.