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To configure an OAuth App for Github:

  1. This link should take you directly to the page to create a new OAuth App:

    Or you can navigate to it this way:

    • Go to the Settings page for your own github account
    • Find the tab down the left column that says “Developer Settings”
    • Click the tab for OAuth Apps
    • Click the button New OAuth App
  2. You now have a form to fill in.

    • Application name: Fill in something users will recognize.

      If it’s a lab assignment, use the name of your app, e.g. lab06-githubid

    • Homepage URL: Typically either something like:
      • http://localhost:8080 or
    • Application Description is optional. If you fill it in, users will see it when they are asked to authorize access to their GitHub account.

    • Authorization callback URL.
      • For some applications this is exactly the same as the Homepage URL.
      • For others, it is the Homepage URL plus some extra path. Follow the instructions you were given.
  3. Once you enter this information, you’ll get a client id and a client secret. It is important to NOT put the client secret into a file that is committed to GitHub.

    You typically need to enter these values into some configuration file. Follow the instructions you were given.