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Heroku: Troubleshooting

heroku login tries to open browser, but you are on CSIL

Try: heroku login -i

When using mvn heroku:deploy: Could not find app name: No 'heroku' remote found.

Symptom: You use mvn heroku:deploy and see:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal com.heroku.sdk:heroku-maven-plugin:2.0.3:deploy 
(default-cli) on project spring-boot-github-oauth-demo01: 
Failed to deploy application: Could not find app name: No 'heroku' remote found. -> [Help 1]

Possible Causes, and Solutions:

  • Make sure you are logged into the heroku cli
    • Solution: heroku login
  • Make sure that the correct heroku app is defined in your pom.xml
    • Solution: list your apps with heroku apps then check the value of <appName> in the heroku-maven-plugin
  • No remote is defined for heroku
    • To check, type git remote -v and see if a remote for heroku is listed. If not:
    • To add it, use heroku git:remote --app app-name (replace app-name with the name of your app)