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Google: Create Developer Project - One time step to get started with Google Developer Console

Before you set up your first Google OAuth application or do any other actions with the Google Developer Console, you need to create a new project. This page describes how to do that.

Steps to Create a New Project

  1. Navigate to and login with your UCSB Google Account.

    If you haven’t already created a Google Developer Project, you’ll need to do that first.

    You’ll see something like this, except you might not have anything under the UnPaid folder. (That is where you’ll create your projecct).

    Google Developer Console Project List

  2. Click the Create Project button (Create Project Button).
    You should then see a page like this one.

    • Fill in the name of the project with something meaningful such as the course and quarter (e.g. cs156-s23, cs156-m23`, etc.)
    • The organization should be
    • Under Location click Browse and then select UnPaid so that it looks like the image below

    Create Project form (filled in)

What’s next

Typical next steps are: