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Legacy Code: Gauchoride

Gauchoride is intended as software to help support the Student Mobility Pilot Program, a program to help UCSB students that have difficulty getting from one class to another due to physical mobility issues. Example of physical mobility issues include needing to use crutches, a knee chair, or a wheelchair either on a temporary or permanent basis, but could also include any other condition that makes it difficult to get from one class to another in the time alloted by walking or biking.

Some of the required functions include:

  • The ability to designate users as either admins, drivers, riders, or users (users is anyone with a UCSBNetId that has not been designated as an admin, driver, or rider).
  • The ability to enter and share information about scheduled rides as needed with admins, drivers and riders.

It is hoped that the software may eventually also integrate with Google Calendar.

A chat feature has also been introduced, and there has been some exploration of integrating the chat with SMS so that individuals would not need to have the app open to see the chat messages.

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Production Deployment
QA Deployment (for CMPSC156 course staff)