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Pull Requests: Draft PRs - For examining the diffs, or running a branch through CI/CD even when it’s not ready to merge

Why would you create a draft PR?

Sometimes you have a branch that you are working on that isn’t quite ready to merge, but you want to get an idea of:

  • what the diff looks like as compared to the main branch
  • whether the CI/CD tests (i.e. Github Actions scripts) will pass or fail

Or, you just want to show the branch to someone on your team, or one of the course staff (LA, TA, instructor) to get some help.

In this case a draft PR is a useful tool.

How do I create a draft PR?

To create a draft PR, start exactly the same way as when creating a normal PR.

However, in the button to create the PR, look for a drop down, and select Draft Pr instead of a regular PR, as shown in the animation:


How do I convert a regular PR to a draft

To convert a regular PR to a draft:

  • Scroll down to the button marked Ready for Review
  • Click the button to conver the draft PR to a regular one.


Convert a regular PR to a draft:

  • Find the area at right where you can request reviewers
  • Click the text that says: Convert to draft
  • Click the button in the modal that pops up.