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Stryker-JS is a mutation framework for JavaScript.

  • It is documented here:
  • It was previously just called Stryker, but then the framework grew to incorporate mutation testing for C# and and Scala programs as well, so they rebranded Stryker as Stryker-JS to avoid confusion.

Running Stryker on CS156 projects

To run stryker for CS156 projects, where the JavaScript code is in a directory called frontend:

  • Make sure you are in the frontend directory and have already done npm install
  • Run npx stryker run

To do mutation testing on only a single file

If you know that all of your current changes are in a specific file, it is much faster to run mutation testing only on that single file instead of the entire project.

For example, if your changed file is src/main/components/Nav/AppNavbar.js you can restrict stryker to this file by running:

npx stryker run -m src/main/components/Nav/AppNavbar.js 

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