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To set up a repo for an assignment for pair partners, please follow these instructions.

To avoid mistakes, read over all of the instructions before starting.

  1. When you create the repo, be sure you create it inside the course organization.

    Select the course organization (e.g. ucsb-cs156-f20 on the left hand side of the new assignment name (under owner). Do not create it under you own github id.

  2. Figure out which of your github ids comes first, alphabetically.

    For example, suppose you and your pair partner have the GitHub ids cgaucho and ldelplaya.

    In this case, cgaucho comes first, and ldelplaya comes second.

    By contrast, if cgaucho were pairing with asabado, then asabado would come first.

    This is the order you should use in the name you choose for the repo.

  3. Name the repo by combining the name of the assignment in all lowercase, together with your github ids, separated by hyphens.

    For example: jpa03-asabado-cgaucho, jspa04-cgaucho-ldelplaya

  4. Make the repo private unless the specific lab instructions indicate otherwise. (It is possible to change repos from private to public later, so it’s better to err on the side of private.

  5. Unless told otherwise, start with an empty repo, i.e. don’t check the license, README or .gitignore options.

  6. If the “Create Repository” button is grayed out and you can’t click it, check to see if you’ve filled in the required fields.
    If it’s still greyed out, checking and then unchecking the README option can make it turn green so you can click it.

  7. Once you’ve create the repo, navigate to the Settings page for the repo, and click under “Manage Access”.

    You should add your pair partner as a collaborator on the repo by entering their GitHub id.

    Be sure to give them “admin” access so that they have full privileges on the repo.