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UCSB CS Github Linker

To submit work in this course, you’ll need to belong to a Github Organization for this course and this quarter (e.g. ucsb-cs156-m23).

Students at UCSB, working together with Prof. Conrad, have developed an open source tool to enable you to add yourself into this organization automatically provided that:

  • You appear on the course roster
  • You already have a account
    • If you don’t, just create one on the “free plan”
  • You have added your UCSB email address as one of the email addresses on your github account.

To use the tool:

  • Visit this web page:
  • After you log in, click the “Home” page button
  • Find your course and click “Join Course”
  • Then, click the link shown there to accept the invitation to join the course.
    • You may also receive an email with an invitation to join the course

Once you have done this, you should be able to see the organization in the list of organizations that you belong to when you login to Github.

If you run into problems, please report those to the instructional staff.