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Bug Reports

There are certain conventions about writing in software development. One example is a “bug report”, which typically has three parts:

  • Steps to Reproduce: This is a list of steps that, if a user takes those steps in the software, the bug will show up. It’s like a recipe for the bug.
  • Observed Behavior: This describes the thing that shows up that led the person reporting the bug to be dissatisfied with the software’s behavior.
  • Desired Behavior: This describes what should have happened, instead of what did happen.

This convention is so widely used, that frequently a bug report would just look like this:

Bug: New Admins don't get admin privileges
* STR:
  * Log in as an admin.
  * Add a new admin with email, e.g. ``
  * Then log out, and log back in as ``
* Observed: When logged in as ``, the admin menu does NOT show up;.
* Desired: When logged in as ``, the admin menu DOES show up.