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When you get a merge conflict in package-lock.json, the best way to resolve it is to simply regenerate the package-lock.json.


  1. Do a git fetch. Here’s what this done: your local repo has cached values for the branch pointers on the remotes (e.g. origin, which is typically the repo on GitHub). git fetch updates these branch pointers.
  2. Checkout your feature branch git checkout feature-branch
  3. Update your feature branch: git pull origin feature-branch
  4. cd javascript to move into the JavaScript subdirectory.
  5. Delete the old package-lock.json with rm package-lock.json
  6. Regenerate it with npm install
  7. Add it to a new commit with git add package-lock.json
  8. Commit: git commit -m "your-initials update package-lock.json"
  9. Push: git push origin feature-branch

This should resolve the merge conflict. If it doesn’t, you can ask the course staff for help.