CS156, Winter 2022

Conrad Instructor

Phill Conrad is a Senior Lecturer in the CS department at UCSB. He is interested in ways of incorporating authentic software development experiences into undergraduate computer science courses. Outside of CS, his interests include piano, guitar, hiking and meditation.

num ready? description assigned MW lect due MW lect assigned TR lect due TR lect
jpa00 true Getting Started Mon 01/03 12:30PM Fri 01/07 11:59PM
jpa01 true Testing: test coverage and mutation testing Tue 01/04 06:15PM Fri 01/14 11:00PM
jpa02 true Spring Boot and Heroku Hello World Tue 01/04 12:30PM Sat 01/15 11:59PM
jpa03 true Spring Boot and Heroku Hello World Wed 01/19 12:30PM Fri 01/28 11:59PM
jspa00 false First JavaScript programming assignment Wed 01/19 12:30PM Fri 01/28 11:59PM
team01 true Team Project: Spring Boot Backend, part 1 (unauthenticated RESTFul APIs) Tue 01/18 05:00PM Tue 01/25 11:59PM
team02 true Team Project: Spring Boot Backend, part 2 (authenticated CRUD) Mon 01/31 12:30PM Tue 02/08 11:59PM
team03 true Team Project: React Frontend for CRUD, MongoDB Backend Tue 02/15 12:30PM Mon 02/28 11:59AM
team04 true Team Project: Legacy Code Project Mon 02/28 12:30PM Fri 03/11 04:59PM

New Version

num ready? description assigned MW lect due MW lect assigned TR lect due TR lect
h00 true HFJ Ch 1,2; JN7: Ch1; Student-ex01 Mon 01/03 12:00AM Fri 01/07 05:00PM
h01 true Listening to Developers Tue 01/04 12:00AM Wed 01/12 12:30PM
h02 true HFJ Ch 3, HFJ Ch 4 Mon 01/10 12:00AM Mon 01/17 11:00PM
h03 true HFJ Ch4, HFJ 5, JN7 pp 82-88 Mon 01/10 12:00AM Tue 01/19 12:30PM
h04 true HFJ Ch 7, 8, and JN7 Ch2 pp 33-50, Ch3, Ch4 up to Generics Mon 01/10 12:00AM Fri 01/21 11:59PM
h05 true HFJ Ch 9, 10, 11; JN7 Ch2 (from p. 71 forward) Sun 01/24 12:00AM Sun 01/31 11:59PM
h06 true HFJ 16 Mon 04/19 12:00AM Fri 04/23 11:00PM
h07 true First JavaScript tutorial Tue 01/25 12:00AM Fri 02/04 11:59PM
p00 true First Day Team Activity Mon 01/03 12:30PM Mon 01/03 01:45PM
p01 true Setting up Team NOTES repo, dividing up LTD paper sections Tue 01/04 05:00PM Tue 01/04 07:50PM
p03 true Setting up Team NOTES repo, dividing up LTD paper sections Wed 01/12 05:00PM Tue 01/04 07:50PM

See also: LECTURE* repos from https://github.com/ucsb-cs156-w22

num date description
Lecture 00 Mon 01/03 Introduction to CS156
Lecture 01 Tue 01/04 Tue: Set up team NOTES repos, divide up LTD sections
Lecture 02 Wed 01/05 Code Coverage and Mutation Testing (jpa01)
Lecture 03 Mon 01/10 Informed Consent, Spring 'Hello World'
Lecture 04 Tue 01/11 Tue Discussion: checkin on H01, jpa01, jpa02
Lecture 05 Wed 01/12 Wed Lecture: follow up on H01, LTD paper
Lecture 06 Tue 01/18 Tue Discussion: starting team01, participation activity P03
Lecture 07 Wed 01/19 Wed Lecture: starting jpa03
Lecture 08 Mon 01/24 Mon Lecture: Intro to JavaScript / React
Lecture 09 Tue 01/25 Tue Discussion: Work on team01, H05, H06, H07
Lecture 10 Wed 01/26 Wed Lecture: Intro to SH 1431, Intro to React development
Lecture 11 Mon 01/31 Mon Lecture: First in-person class for CMPSC 156 in W22 in SH1431
Lecture 12 Tue 02/01 Tue Discussion in Phelps 3525: Work on team02
Lecture 13 Wed 02/02 Wed Lecture: Product Management
Lecture 14 Mon 02/07 Mon Lecture: Work session on team02
Lecture 15 Tue 02/08 Tue Discussion: Work session on team02
Lecture 16 Wed 02/09 Wed Lecture: Retrospectives
Lecture 17 Mon 02/14 Mon Lecture: Front End
Lecture 18 Tue 02/15 Tue Discussion: team03
Lecture 19 Wed 02/16 Wed Lecture: team03
Lecture 20 Tue 02/22 Tue Discussion: team03 work session
Lecture 21 Wed 02/23 Wed Lecture: team03 work session
Lecture 22 Mon 02/28 Mon Lecture: retro on team03; introducing team04
Lecture 23 Tue 03/01 Tue Discussion: work on team04
Lecture 24 Wed 03/02 Wed Lecture: work on team04: plan to have some PRs ready by Monday (sooner if possible)
Lecture 25 Mon 03/07 Mon Lecture: Continue work on team04, some notes on PRs
Lecture 26 Mon 03/07 Tue Discussion: Continue work on team04, more notes on PRs
Lecture 27 Wed 03/09 Wed Lecture: Continue work on team04