CS156, Spring 2022


New Version

num ready? description assigned MW lect due MW lect assigned TR lect due TR lect
h00 true HFJ Ch 1,2; JN7: Ch1; Student-ex01 Tue 03/29 12:00AM Fri 04/01 05:00PM
h01 true Listening to Developers Tue 03/29 12:00AM Mon 04/04 11:59PM
h02 true HFJ Ch 3, HFJ Ch 4, Student ex02-ex06 Tue 03/29 12:00AM Wed 04/06 11:59PM
h03 true HFJ Ch4, HFJ 5, JN7 pp 82-88 Tue 03/29 12:00AM Fri 04/08 11:59PM
h04 true HFJ Ch 7, 8, and JN7 Ch2 pp 33-50, Ch3, Ch4 up to Generics Tue 03/29 12:00AM Mon 04/11 11:59PM
h05 true HFJ Ch 9, 10, 11; JN7 Ch2 (from p. 71 forward) Tue 03/29 12:00AM Tue 04/13 11:59PM
h06 true HFJ 16 Tue 03/29 12:00AM Fri 04/15 11:59PM
h07 true First JavaScript tutorial Tue 05/03 12:00AM Mon 05/09 11:59PM
p00 true First Day Team Activity Tue 03/29 02:00PM Tue 03/29 03:15PM
p01 true Setting up Team NOTES repo, dividing up LTD paper sections Thu 03/31 02:00PM Thu 03/31 03:15PM
p04 true Joining two Happy Cows commons Wed 04/06 04:00PM Wed 04/06 06:50PM