CS156, Fall 2020

See also: LECTURE* repos from https://github.com/ucsb-cs156-f20


num date description
Lecture 0 Thu 10/01 Introduction to CS156
Lecture 1 Mon 10/05 Monday Discussion, jpa00
Lecture 2 Tue 10/06 Setting up team NOTES repo, video on Sohibe Java Code Generator for VSCode
Lecture 3 Thu 10/08 Informed Consent for NSF Research Survey, help with jspa01
Lecture 4 Mon 10/12 Monday Section (jspa01 help)
Lecture 5 Tue 10/13 Tuesday Lecture (jspa01, jpa01 help)
Lecture 6 Thu 10/15 Thursday Lecture (Student tutorial, ex01-ex04)
Lecture 7 Mon 10/19 Monday Section (topic tbd)
Lecture 8 Tue 10/20 Tuesday Lecture (topic tbd)
Lecture 9 Fri 10/23 Thursday Lecture (topic tbd)
Lecture 16 Mon 11/09 Monday Discussion: Listening to Developers
Lecture 21 Thu 11/19 Monday: Understanding our teams' epics
Lecture 22a Mon 11/23 Monday: Getting Ready to Start Coding
Lecture 25 Tue 12/01 Tuesday: Peer Evaluation, Points Poker
Lecture 26 Thu 12/03 Thursday: Standup meetings, PRs, Code Reviews, Grading concerns
Lecture 27 Mon 12/07 Monday: Standup meeting, Quick Retrospective (reviewing CATME data) PR Review / planning
Lecture 29 Thu 12/10 Thursday: Course Wrap Up, planning for the demo