CS156, Winter 2022

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num date description
Lecture 00 Mon 01/03 Introduction to CS156
Lecture 01 Tue 01/04 Tue: Set up team NOTES repos, divide up LTD sections
Lecture 02 Wed 01/05 Code Coverage and Mutation Testing (jpa01)
Lecture 03 Mon 01/10 Informed Consent, Spring 'Hello World'
Lecture 04 Tue 01/11 Tue Discussion: checkin on H01, jpa01, jpa02
Lecture 05 Wed 01/12 Wed Lecture: follow up on H01, LTD paper
Lecture 06 Tue 01/18 Tue Discussion: starting team01, participation activity P03
Lecture 07 Wed 01/19 Wed Lecture: starting jpa03
Lecture 08 Mon 01/24 Mon Lecture: Intro to JavaScript / React
Lecture 09 Tue 01/25 Tue Discussion: Work on team01, H05, H06, H07
Lecture 10 Wed 01/26 Wed Lecture: Intro to SH 1431, Intro to React development
Lecture 11 Mon 01/31 Mon Lecture: First in-person class for CMPSC 156 in W22 in SH1431
Lecture 12 Tue 02/01 Tue Discussion in Phelps 3525: Work on team02
Lecture 13 Wed 02/02 Wed Lecture: Product Management
Lecture 14 Mon 02/07 Mon Lecture: Work session on team02
Lecture 15 Tue 02/08 Tue Discussion: Work session on team02
Lecture 16 Wed 02/09 Wed Lecture: Retrospectives
Lecture 17 Mon 02/14 Mon Lecture: Front End
Lecture 18 Tue 02/15 Tue Discussion: team03
Lecture 19 Wed 02/16 Wed Lecture: team03
Lecture 20 Tue 02/22 Tue Discussion: team03 work session
Lecture 21 Wed 02/23 Wed Lecture: team03 work session
Lecture 22 Mon 02/28 Mon Lecture: retro on team03; introducing team04
Lecture 23 Tue 03/01 Tue Discussion: work on team04
Lecture 24 Wed 03/02 Wed Lecture: work on team04: plan to have some PRs ready by Monday (sooner if possible)
Lecture 25 Mon 03/07 Mon Lecture: Continue work on team04, some notes on PRs
Lecture 26 Mon 03/07 Tue Discussion: Continue work on team04, more notes on PRs
Lecture 27 Wed 03/09 Wed Lecture: Continue work on team04