CS156, Spring 2022


num ready? description assigned MW lect due MW lect assigned TR lect due TR lect
jpa00 true Getting Started Sun 03/27 12:30PM Fri 04/01 11:59PM
jpa01 true Testing: test coverage and mutation testing Sun 03/27 01:00PM Fri 04/08 11:59PM
jpa02 true Spring Boot and Heroku Hello World Tue 04/05 02:00PM Mon 04/11 11:59PM
jpa03 true Spring Boot / React / OAuth Configuration Tue 04/12 12:30PM Thu 04/21 11:59PM
presentation false Final Presentation Thu 06/02 02:00PM Tue 06/07 04:00PM
proj01 true Team Legacy Code Project Thu 05/12 02:00PM Wed 06/01 11:59PM
team01 true Team Project 01: Spring Boot Backend, part 1 (unauthenticated RESTFul APIs) Thu 04/14 02:00PM Fri 04/22 11:59PM
team02 true Team Project: Spring Boot Backend, part 2 (authenticated CRUD) Thu 04/21 02:00PM Fri 04/29 11:59PM
team03 true Team Project: FrontEnd CRUD, part 1: Index Page, and Delete Column Thu 05/12 02:00PM Wed 05/18 11:59PM