HFJ Ch4, HFJ 5, JN7 pp 82-88

Reading Assignment:

In this homework, you’ll need to have read

The JN7 text has many good qualities: it is very complete and very up-to-date. But it works better as a reference than a textbook.

One of its flaws is that it often describes concepts that haven’t been defined yet. As an example, I want to have you read the section on array in JN7 (pages 82-89.) However, unfortunately, this section almost immediately starts talking about Java interfaces, which is a concept that we haven’t gotten to yet; it’s in HFJ Ch 8 (and we are on 5), and in JN7 it’s discussed on pages 144-152.

So: as you read through pages 82-89, if you see references to interfaces, just skim over those parts. We’ll return to this topic after we’ve covered interfaces.

For now, just read pages 82-88, skipping over “Array Type Widening Conversions”, and stopping when you get to Multidimensional Arrays.

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