CS156, Winter 2021

See also: LECTURE* repos from https://github.com/ucsb-cs156-w21


num date description
Lecture 0 Mon 01/04 Introduction to CS156
Lecture 1 Tue 01/05 Tuesday Discussion: Setting up Team NOTES repo, dividing up LTD paper sections
Lecture 2 Wed 01/06 Wednesday Lecture: Discussion of jpa00 and jpa01
Lecture 3 Mon 01/11 Monday Lecture: Discussion of jspa01
Lecture 4 Tue 01/12 Tuesday Discussion: Help with jspa01
Lecture 5 Wed 01/13 Wed Lecture: Spring Boot Hello World
Lecture 6 Tue 01/19 Tue Discussion: Work on jspa01, jpa02, jpa03
Lecture 7 Wed 01/20 Wed Lecture: Team deployment of jpa03 (jpa04)
Lecture 8 Mon 01/25 Mon Lecture: Extra Credit Opportunity (Survey), Informed Consent
Tue 09/13
Lecture 9 Tue 01/26 Tue Discussion: Starting on jpa05 (Deployment of your Team's Legacy App)
Lecture 10 Wed 01/27 Wed Lecture: Teamwork, part 1, jpa05 continuation, Exploration of legacy app
Lecture 11 Mon 02/01 Mon Lecture: jpa05, and discovery on the three apps
Lecture 12 Tue 02/02 Tue Discussion:
Lecture 13 Wed 02/03 Wed Lecture: Sorting with Java Lambdas
Lecture 14 Mon 02/08 Mon Lecture: Overview of Spring and React as used in our apps
Lecture 15 Tue 02/09 Tue Discussion: Finish 01.27/README.md (notes on app) and jpa06
Lecture 16 Wed 02/10 Wed Lecture: Continuation of Mon lect, with focus today on React
Lecture 17 Tue 02/16 Tue Discussion: Starting on the Legacy Code Projects
Lecture 18 Wed 02/17 Wed Lecture: Starting on the Legacy Code Projects
Lecture 19 Mon 02/22 Mon Video: Pull Requests, Code Reviews, more on Spring/React
Lecture 20 Tue 02/23 Tue Section
Lecture 22 Wed 02/24 Wed Lecture
Lecture 23 Mon 03/01 Mon Lecture
Lecture 24 Tue 03/02 Tue Discussion
Lecture 25 Wed 03/03 Wed Lecture
Lecture 26 Mon 03/08 Mon Lecture: Information about final presentations
Lecture 27 Tue 03/09 Tue Section:
Lecture 28 Wed 03/10 Wed Lecture: