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Lecture 15, Tue 05/03

Tue Lecture: First Retrospecive (Retro); start JavaScript (H07)


Retrospective: the heart of Agile

The core principle of Agile is “inspect and adapt”.

Inspect and Adapt is, in many ways, linked to the Scientific Method;

All in the service of doing a better job of software development.

In a retro, the team stops, pauses, reflects, and most importantly comes up with an actionable change for their practice.

Today’s Retro


Check that each member of the team is able to access the folder.

In that folder, create a folder called Retros and in that folder, create a document Retro1

Then follow the instructions in the article for Stop/Start/Continue retro.

In the document, write down who your retro leader is.

At the end of the process, you should have in your document:

After the retro is done, you can: