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Lecture 14, Sat 04/30

Thu Lecture: team02 standup, mongodb account setup


Reminder about Standups

Avoid getting into technical details.

Today: Mostly team02, one small clerical task.

Please start with a standup meeting on team02.

Please put a written standup summary in your team’s chat channel first, and then do an out loud standup.

Then, do a team review of the Kanban board.

Then, after standup/kanban review, but before starting work on team02, there is one small clerical task to attend to:

Accept the invitation.

Look in your email for an invitation to Accept the invitation, and make sure that you can log into your account.

Why are we doing this: The team03 assignment will include working with a different style of database, a NoSQL database (MongoDB), and we need to get folks set up for that.

Your job is simple:

teams mentor message
#s22-4pm-1, #s22-5pm-1 and #s22-6pm-1 Andrew L @Andrew Lu I’ve accepted my MongoDB invitation
#s22-4pm-2, #s22-5pm-2 and #s22-6pm-2 Andrew P @Andrew Peng I’ve accepted my MongoDB invitation
#s22-4pm-3, #s22-5pm-3 and #s22-6pm-3 Bryan Z @Bryan Zamora I’ve accepted my MongoDB invitation
#s22-4pm-4, #s22-5pm-4 and #s22-6pm-4 Kevin H @Kevin Heffernan I’ve accepted my MongoDB invitation

Once the TA/LA gets this message, they’ll check on MongoDB that you’ve accepted the invitation, and if they see that you have, they’ll add you to your team on MongoDB and then give you credit for participation activity p08 on Gauchospace.

(They may also check (if time permits) that you made a contribution to your team’s standup meeting.)