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Lecture 12, Mon 04/26

Mon Lecture: Background for jpa04: Sorting, Comparable, Comparator, Lambdas (Async ok, no team activity)

Class today will be straight lecture, with no group activity.

While I recommend attending synchronously so that you can ask questions, for folks in time zones where class falls during sleeping time, this is one class that it would be ok to sleep through and watch on video later.

The topic is preparation for jpa04, a Java programming assignment that introduces sorting of Java Collections using Comparable<T>, Comparator<T> ,and lambda functions.

It builds on the material from Chapter 16 of HFJ2, but goes beyond it, including some material that isn’t covered HFJ2, and is covered in JN7, but not very well.

We will try to finish up 5 minutes early too, because there is a rocket launch scheduled for right around 1:45pm— for those in the Isla Vista area, it would be fun to step outside and take a look.

Sorting in Java: