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Lecture 04, Tue 04/06

Tue Discussion: work on jpa01, jpa02

Apologies for late notice on this: if you have completed / submitted jpa00, jpa01 and jpa02 (that’s only six folks as far as I know), you are excused from section today.

For everyone else, this will be a work session with the TAs/LAs available to work with you either in your team’s breakout room, or in one of the 20 “extra” breakout rooms. Use the #help-lecture-discussion channel to ask for help; TAs/LAs will use the :white_check_mark: emoji to indicate when a request has been responded to. I realize it’s helpful to know this farther in advance than 15 minutes before section (or 1hr15 or 2hr15).

I do apologize—I truly thought I would have a group work project ready to go. It’s coming along nicely, but won’t be ready in time for 5pm.
The good news is that I think the project will really help you get started on some of the course concepts a lot sooner than previous quarters (which is something students from prior quarters said would have been really helpful.)

Another thing—if you need help for the labs but it isn’t your section time, feel free to hop into the Zoom call anyway! Student from the “current” discussion section always get priority during their time slot, but often there are enough helpers to address questions from student in other discussion sections.

So, as time permits, between 5pm-7:50, we can often help regardless of your assigned section time.