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Lecture 03, Mon 04/05

Mon Lecture: Extra Credit Opportunity (Survey), Informed Consent

Three items of business

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Short version

Action items

After today’s lecture, if you decide you want the extra credit and/or to particpate in the research:

  1. Read the informed consent briefing and make sure any questions you have about it are answered: informed_consent_briefing
  2. Login to Gauchospace and find your RPID (the capital letter W followed by a five digit number, e.g. S98765).
    • It’s in the “feedback” beside your “grade” for the item RPID
    • If you see a “zero” or an “F” next to this grade item, please ignore it.
    • If you complete the survey, this zero will turn into a 33%, but only after a delay of several days; it won’t happen until the survey closes, and I get the data from WSU about who participated.
    • The data provided to me does not include who said “YES” or “NO” to the question about participating in the research; it only indicates whether you participated in the survey.
    • This number will turn into 100% if/when you complete the post- survey at the end of the quarter also.
  3. Visit the link to the survey (found on the Announcements channel on the course slack), and fill it out.

Then What?


Extra Credit Opportunity (Survey)

Informed Consent as a topic

On one level, today’s activity is about collecting data for the research.

But, I also want to explore the idea of “informed consent” as a topic in the course.


This questions has ethical, moral, and legal dimensions. (What’s the difference?)

While we aren’t necessarily going to explore those questions today, I hope that this helps frame talking about the “informed consent” process as something relevant to anyone building applications.

What is an Informed Consent Briefing

The form that I’m inviting you to fill out contains an “informed consent briefing”.

Informed consent is a legal term, and I am not a lawyer. But the essence is this: I’m not allowed to include you in a study, or collect data about you unless/until you are

Part of the reason the informed consent briefing is so long is because there are elements that it must contain, by law.

One of those is that if you are under 18, you are not legally permitted to give consent with your parents/legal-guardian also consenting. This doesn’t come up very often, but it does sometimes come up.

So, let’s walk through the text of the informed consent briefing:

Questions on Informed Consent Briefing

If you have questions on the informed consent briefing, please let me know.

You may also submit questions anonymously via any of them TAs or LAs, whom I’ve asked to keep your identity confidential.