Listening to Developers

This assignment is completed by entering information in your part of a shared Github repo.

For details, please see the instructions under the heading “H01” in the lecture notes here:


In an activity that took place during class, your team divided up the sections of this paper. Each team member was assigned one part of section 4 (i.e. one of 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 or 4.6).

You also worked together in a team-based repo (one of the ones shown in the following table) to create a directory called 03.30, and under that directory, files,,,,, Your responsibility was to create the file corresponding to your section of the paper.

5pm 6pm 7pm
s21-5pm-1-NOTES s21-6pm-1-NOTES s21-7pm-1-NOTES
s21-5pm-2-NOTES s21-6pm-2-NOTES s21-7pm-2-NOTES
s21-5pm-3-NOTES s21-6pm-3-NOTES s21-7pm-3-NOTES
s21-5pm-4-NOTES s21-6pm-4-NOTES s21-7pm-4-NOTES

Read over the part of the paper that you were assigned, and think about the questions below. Write a response to each of these questions in the .md file for your section of the paper. This will count as an individual homework grade, H01, due Monday.

  1. (40 pts) For the aspect of software development that you were assigned, the paper describes some aspects of what software development in school is like, vs. what it is like in industry.

    Now consider your own personal experiences in school. Do they line up with what was reported in the paper, or are they different? Is it a mix?

    In your 03.31/ file (where x is one of 1,2,3,4,5 or 6), write briefly about your own personal experiences in school that are relevant to this topic, and how they are the same or different (or a mix of both), as compared to what the interview subjects in the paper reported. Put this under the heading # Question 1.

  2. (30 pts) Under the heading # Question 2, answer this question: What are the things that developers found suprising or different about industry in terms of this aspect of software development?

  3. (30 pts) Under the heading # Question 3, answer this question: What are suggestions for things students could do in school to better prepare them for this aspect of software development as practiced in industry?

    These can be ideas from the paper, or ideas of your own; either is fine. But in your answer, clearly identify whether each idea is your idea, or one from the paper.