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Lecture 12, Thu 04/28

Tue Lecture:

Announcements: p07

The participation assignment p07 involves filling in the first peer evaluation survey (peerEval1) on

Please do so before midnight Wednesday.

Product Owner/Manager moved to Thursday

Partly because I have a terrible cold, and partly because of sequencing of material, we are going to defer the product management discussion that @Kevin Heffernan may have previewed with some of you last week; that is now scheduled for Thursday, but that’s subject to change as well.

Today’s focus is team02

We’ll also handled “cleanup questions” concerning jpa03 and team01; both of those should be already dealt with, but in case there are problems, today is a good day to deal with those.

Finally: Please check on your cows. Do you want to buy some cows, or sell some cows?