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Lecture 09, Tue 04/19

Tue Lecture: Standup Meeting

Standup meeting

Each team member should briefly share, both by posting in the slack channel, and by saying it out loud for the group assembled and the zoom room, these things:

  1. What issue are you currently assigned tp
  2. How is it going
  3. Are you blocked on anything
  4. When you think you will be finished and ready to take on a new issue.

Then, as a team, make sure that you have a good strategy for working through the issues on your Kanban board over the next week.

Further notes on a standup meetings

Review your Kanban board as a team

Then, review your kanban board as a team;

Work on team01

Then, you’ll just work as a team or in pairs, individually or in mobs as needed, while getting help from the staff.

P06 (today’s participation activity)