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Lecture 28, Tue 06/01

Tue Discussion: Presentation Planning (or merging PRs)

One last short homework assignment

We have one last homework assignment, which is more of the nature of a “reflection” piece. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes of time.

I’m asking you to reflect on

Final Presentations

More on final presentations:

More on Final Presentations

You may do it live, or you may do it pre-recorded via Video (uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, or any other video sharing service.).

Here’s a tutorial video on making demo videos from CS48 S20 (Video inception)

Based on the experience of CS48 students, pre-recording is strongly recommended. You will know for sure in advance whether the demo is successful, and whether or not you’ve hit the target length of 5-10 minutes.

Your video should be 5 to 10 minutes long, and cover these points:

Please then also poll your team members and let me know your thoughts about the privacy of your final demo video:

Final survey

This will be opened immediately after the final course presentations, and will be open for 48 hours.

Final Presentation Participation Assignment

(This will count as a participation assignment in your final course grade.)

Today’s work

Suggestions for the final presentation planning process

You may undertake this any way you see fit. The following is just a suggesiton of how to go about this, not a requirement.

  1. Perhaps start by listing the new features that your team contributed, focusing on what the user sees/experiences.
  2. For each of those, note who worked on those.
  3. Decide what order is best to present those features.
  4. Do a practice walk through of demoing those, and decide what that demo should look like.
  5. Decide if there are any other things you want to say in your video
    • Specific technical challenges that were interesting.
    • Specific non-technical challenges that were interesting.
    • Advice to future CS156 students on how to have a good experience in this course.
  6. List anyone specific you want to thank in terms of fellow students, LAs, TAs (omit Conrad, per the instructions; you may thank him in other contexts, but leave that out of the videos please!)

Decide whether you want to have multiple presenters, or just one presenter.

Then, try doing a run through with recording.

What happens to unfinished work?

If your team has already reached 100 or 110 points, it aises the question of what happens with issues that are still “in progress” or PRs that are still not yet merged into main.

If your team is already at above 100 points, there is no obligation to work on this for a “grade”.

Having said that, there may be reasons you are motivated to continue, such as:

For Whatever work is left “unfinished” from W21: here’s what happens: