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Lecture 24, Mon 05/24

Mon Lecture:

In Breakout rooms

Here’s a reminder of usual procedure when we put you in breakout rooms (with extra items for today highlighted)

(1) Virtual standup: Each team member present posts in the slack channel for the chat an update with

If you don’t know to work on next, say that for (d).

(2) Actual out-loud standup. Go over what you posted in the slack channel.

(3) Special steps for today:

(4) Review kanban board, right to left.

(5) Work on your stories, either together, or in separate breakout rooms.

Agenda for today

  1. Information about final exam slot:
    • It won’t be a written exam, but it is required
    • Each team will make a video presentation
    • You’ll be ranking the presentations into four tiers (upper 25%, next 25%, next 25%, bottom 25%).
    • The course staff will also be doing these rankings.
    • Student rankings will not be used directly to impact grade
      • Those will be taken primarily from the staff rankings
      • BUT, student rankings will be used as a “sanity check” or a “tie breaker” in the case that staff rankings are ambiguous.
      • So please do take these seriously.
    • More info on the presentations soon
  2. Deadlines: Please finish up all of your legacy code stories to get to 100 points by 5pm Friday afternoon, 05/28/2021
    • You do not necessarily have to have everything merged by then, but you should have made the PRs.
    • After 5pm Friday, you might still be working on getting CRs done, addressing CR feedback
    • But the coding to implement the feature, and get test cases to pass should be done
  3. Today: In addition to standup, make a team strategy to get to 100 points.
    • Assess where you are. Are you at 15/100, 50/100, or 75/100? Strategy will be different in each case.
    • Look at your backlog (stories in Planning and Todo columns). Do you have enough?
    • Do you need stories there pre-estimated in terms of point values?
  4. Updating owners on Heroku app (details below)
  5. Designate a team member to present in Tuesday section during first 15 minutes (2-3 minutes per team)
    • This can be an “oral report” version of what you put on the project slack channels last week.
    • Demo the features that your team has merged into the main branch, showing them in the production app
      • If it’s something that can be seen in the app, show it there.
      • If they are pure refactoring, then show the before and after in the code, and explain why the new code is better.
    • Briefly describe the feature(s) that your team is working on.
    • The purpose of this is so that you can be aware of what other teams are working on, and identify any areas of overlap or potential conflict.
  6. We are working on standardizing the team labels, moving from e.g. s21-4pm-3 to s21-4pm-3-AdminFeatures

Need to update owners on Heroku app

Each team has a Heroku app, such as these examples:

I created all of these myself and then linked the three legacy code apps to them

But, that means all 12 of these have been drawing from my personal quota of “free tier” time, and my time is up for this month.

So, if we want these apps to continue to run, we need to transfer them to a member of your team.

Section Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
5pm App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard
6pm App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard
7pm App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard