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Lecture 18, Mon 05/10

Mon Lecture:

A short update on Team02

Here’s what project planning looks like…. I’ll show you:

If I just turned you loose on the assignment now, it would be:

And it would miss the point of the assignment, which is to be a gentle introduction to the frontend.

I am going through the various React tasks for team02 to ensure that

First Peer Evaluation survey results

See your results at You’ll see:

Please look over those, and be prepared to discuss those with your team tomorrow and/or Wednesday.

Note: data is missing for six students that did not fill out the survey.

Team03 update


All of your apps should now be up and running.

For P10, You should each have posted two comments with observations from interacting with your app.

Section Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
5pm App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard
6pm App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard
7pm App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard App🔸Dashboard

P10:P Once your team’s app is up, then what?

(Repeated from last Wednesday)

If you haven’t done it yet, all members of your team should join slack channel for your teams app (i.e. one of #proj-ucsb-courses-search, #proj-ucsb-cs-las or #proj-mapache-search.)

Now, start exploring the features of the app, as individuals and as a team.

As you explore, make posts to your team’s slack channel. Also monitor the discussions, if any, on the project’s channel (i.e. one of #proj-ucsb-courses-search, #proj-ucsb-cs-las or #proj-mapache-search.)

Here are questions that should prompt some posts:

** By Monday, each student is asked to please make at least two posts based on interacting with the app. **

If you haven’t done that yet, I’ll extend that deadline to midnight Tuesday with a 10% deduction for lateness, but please get it done.

Today in Breakout rooms

# Notes from 05.10

## Questions

## Bugs 

## UX Improvements

## New Feature Suggestions

To Guide Your Discussion

The overall purpose of the three apps: