S21 Legacy Code Projects

Section Repo Prod QA PRs Issues Kanban
5pm proj-ucsb-courses-search prod qa PRs Issues Kanban
6pm proj-ucsb-cs-las prod qa PRs Issues Kanban
7pm proj-mapache-search prod qa PRs Issues Kanban

S21 Epics

Each of your teams has a Kanban board, shown in this table:

  5pm 6pm 7pm
1 team-5pm-1 team-6pm-1 team-7pm-1
2 team-5pm-2 team-6pm-2 team-7pm-2
3 team-5pm-3 team-6pm-3 team-7pm-3
4 team-5pm-4 team-6pm-4 team-7pm-4

Each of these Kanban boards should have these columns:

Planning Todo In Progress In Review Done
Your teams epic, and issues in the planning stages Issues that are fully ready for someone on the team to pick up and work on Issues that someone on the team is currently actively working on Issues for which there is a pull request ready for review or being reviewed Issues where the PR has been merged to main