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Lecture 26, Tue 11/29

Tue Lecture

Work on legacy code projects in your teams.

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Here’s a copy paste:

  1. Reminder that the final exam timeslot is for presentations. We’ll talk about the presentations on Thursday in more detail, but the basic gist is that you will pre-record a video that demostrates (from an end user point of view) the functionality that your team merged into main this quarter. I can share a few example videos from last Spring to give you an idea of what they should be like.
  2. It’s totally fine if you participate in the final exam activity remotely, but you should all participate in real time–your final activity in the class is to provide some feedback on your peers presentations. There will be a Google Form for this.
  3. The final exam itself will be on Gradescope, and will be a take home. It will become available at 8am Monday of Finals week, and will close at 5pm on Friday of finals week. There is no time limit. The questions will mostly be in the form of questions you might be asked at a job interview about the kind of software development you did in this course. If you have been actively participating, you shouldn’t need to “study”… it should be straightforward. Example question: “Suppose there was a new hire at our company that had never participated in a standup meeting before. What advice would you give them on how standup meetings work”?
  4. You have until 8pm on Wednesday to get PRs in for review. After that, it’s just code review, revision, and working on the final presentation video.