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Lecture 14, Tue 10/25

(Wed Discussion): Continue work on team02


Please mention me at @phtcon in your slack channel if you think your team will finish team02 before the start of lecture Thursday (5pm tomorrow).

The goal is to finish team02 by 5pm Friday if possible. If it seems like this is not going to be feasible, we’ll review that in lecture on Thursday.

There is a balance to be struck here: I want to give you enough time to do the work.

At the same time, every quarter, the most consistent feedback about the course is: “we should have started the legacy code projects earlier” and “we should have had more practice with basic skills before starting the legacy code projects”.

So, I’m asking you to meet me half way here. I’ll give you the time you need, but please do your best to get the work done asap, so that we have time to learn the basic skills, and get to the best part of the course (the most “real world” part) as soon as possible.