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team03 - Spring Boot OAuth and CRUD operations

Team Programming Assignment: Spring Boot CRUD backend

This is a team programming assignment. Each team has it’s own repo to complete this assignment, and you will work as a team.

Here are links to the repos:

Set up already done

We are omitting instructions for some of the setup steps that were already done:

  • Creating a kanban board
  • Setting up the repos with the starter code

Initial Kanban board population

You will see under the /issues directory that there are these files:

These are the issues you need to create and put on your Kanban board.

You should edit the issues that have 2nd model and 3rd model in the title to replace those titles with the actual titles of the 2nd and 3rd models that your team chose (in addition to Restaurant) for team03.

Once the issues are edited and committed (you can do this on the main branch):

  • Commit the files and then run workflow 90-create-issues.
  • That will create as issues in your repo
  • Then you can put them on the Kanban board.

BE SURE TO COORDINATE WITH THE TEAM so that only one person submits the 90-create-issues job.

  • The job is supposed to check for duplicate issues, and not add the issue if it is a duplicate.
  • However, that doesn’t seem to be working
  • So it’s important to only run the job once; otherwise, you’ll have to clean up the mess of duplicate issues by closing the duplicates.

Working on the issues

Most of the issues have hints inside the issue text themselves, but there is some additional material below that may help.

Big Picture: what is team03 all about?

From a high-level standpoint, you’ll be doing the following:

  • Copying your backend of CRUD operations for three database models from team02
  • Copying your frontend of CRUD operations for three database models from team01
  • Connecting the frontend and the backend with new code, based on the code you find in this starter code for UCSBDates.

If you need additional guidance, ask on the #help-team03 channel, and we’ll try to steer you in the right direction.


  • Grading for this assignment is manual; someone on your team will submit the url to the Canvas link for team03 when the team thinks the site is ready for grading.